How to Authenticate coach

Founded in 1941, Coach is the perfect brand for fashionistas who appreciate both style and quality. We love that they’re an all-American brand that chooses to give back to the local community. Coach is an incredible choice if you want socially responsible luxury without breaking the bank.

But many shoppers have been fooled by Coach look-alikes. We at Real Authentication want to help you guard your investment and assist you in only purchasing authentic Coach products.

Coach Authentication
Coach Handbags


Fortunately, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for when shopping for Coach from a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend.

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COACH DAte Code and LOGO

Based on your Coach bag’s source, the logo can be different in size and wording. You can also check your pre-loved Coach bag for its “C logo design”. Counterfeits will often use Gs or Os to mask the fact that their bag is fake.


Inspect COACH Stiching


Your Coach bag’s lining should be soft and well stitched – generally, Coach will line with cotton, canvas, or high-quality satin.

When you inspect the interior of the handbag, you may find a rectangular piece of leather sewn onto the lining; this is often referred to as a creed that shows the stamped style/serial number. If your Coach bag does not have this it may be due to style

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COACH Authentication Details

Coach offers luxury products, so always bear in mind that craftsmanship should be apparent. Their leather items is top-notch, and shouldn’t feel stiff or brittle.

The hardware should be heavy and is usually nickel or brass. All OF COACH stitching uses high-quality threads and is stitched neatly and even.

Keep in mind the brand boutiques are not trained on authentication and are limited on knowledge as retail boutiques are there to sell current season items.

Before you contact Real Authentication, do yourself a favor and visit a retailer or boutique You can find a list of local stores here. Walk into the store, talk to the representatives and take a moment to feel each bag. In this way, you’ll get a feel for what might be “off” when you shop second-hand or third party Coach products.

Keep in mind the brand boutiques are not trained on authentication and are limited on knowledge as retail boutiques are there to sell current season items.

Can’t tell the difference? That’s okay; we’re here to help! We charge a nominal fee to assess your product, either before or after you purchase. Our experts are available to evaluate your potential purchase, and we even offer one-hour turnaround!

You’re shopping Coach because you want to make a quality investment. Whether you’re planning to resell or to pass down to your children, it’s essential that you know that the Coach bag you’re buying is authentic.

Real Authentication is here to assist you. Offering service in as little as one hour, we can authenticate your Coach product and let you know whether it’s real or fake. Simply answer a few questions and Real Authentication can give you the “red” or “green” light on your bag.

Here at Real Authentication, we authenticate COACH:

Coach handbags

Coach shoes

Coach clothing

Coach wallets

Coach wristlets

Coach accessories

Coach fragrances

Coach Handbags

When you contact us, you’ll have the benefit of at least two sets of experienced eyes examining your potential purchase. We are thorough, we are reliable, and we are trusted by thousands of clients.

Already bought your Coach bag? No problem! Send it to us, and our experts will assist you using our proprietary technology… we can determine the authenticity of your Coach product so that you have full assurance.

If your product is not authentic, again… no problem! Our professionals have experience with PayPal, with eBay and with credit card issuers to help you get your money back.

Shopping should be fun. Let’s take the stress out of buying the luxury brands and bring the joy back to shopping!

Accidently Purchased a Counterfeit COACH?

Have you already bought a counterfeit design? Don’t worry – we can help. We are trusted by eBay, PayPal and credit card issuers and can help you recover the money you spent on counterfeit items.

Here at Real Authentication, we think that investing in designer fashions should be fun. Connect with us and take the guesswork out of shopping for luxury brands.


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