How to Authenticate CHRISTIAN DIOR

Looking to treat yourself with that Lady Dior or the Saddlebag you’ve been eyeing lately? We don’t blame you! Christian Dior fashion is more popular than ever. Christian Dior, recently most recognized for its trendy Dior Saddlebags and Lady Dior bags, is the perfect choice if you are looking to step up your style to the feminine elegance its pieces are loved for. Keep reading to know how to protect yourself when buying and selling preloved Dior. 

When investing in a preloved Christian Dior piece, there are many things you need to take into consideration before you assume its authenticity. The brand is very popular, and as a result, counterfeits are flooding the market. Protect yourself from fraud – invest a small amount to verify the authenticity of the Dior item with a reputable authenticator service such as www.realauthentication.com

Christian Dior Authentic
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3 ACTIONABLE TIPS TO Authenticate Dior items

When buying and selling Dior, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for at an online marketplace, reseller boutique, or even a friend! Buy and sell confidently with this Christian Dior Authenticity guide. 

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On the interior of your handbag, you will find the perfectly centered silver or gold “Christian Dior PARIS” logo and identification as to whether it was made in Italy or Spain on the line below it or somewhere else in the bag, depending on style and age. This information is heat-stamped on the leather tag, while on the opposite side of this tag you should find the date code of your item.

Dior handbags typically come with a grey authenticity card. The authentic card has two small spaces and one large rectangular space for store details and the date to be stamped on the backside. Counterfeit authenticity cards commonly use two large rectangular slots.


Inspect CHRISTIAN DIOR Stiching


Christian Dior bags usually display their famous thin-threaded intricate “cannage quilt,” which matches your handbag’s color. This is very hard to replicate, so be sure to determine whether it matches exactly how it is originally supposed to be.

Before you begin shopping for your Dior handbag, visit a retailer to touch, examine and feel what a genuine Dior bag is like. You can find a list of retailers local to you on the Dior website. As you familiarize yourself with the brand, it will be easier for you to spot a counterfeit.

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CHRISTIAN DIOR Authentication Details

Recognized worldwide for top-notch quality, Christian Dior uses only the best materials. Take notice of the quality of the item; it should feel luxurious to the touch. 

Christian Dior handbags frequently feature a bag charm with the brand’s letters on a leather backing. The metal circle that holds the charms is reasonably sturdy on an authentic bag. The Dior charms move around a little but don’t excessively shake while carrying the bag.

Authenticate Christian Dior

Christian Dior’s beautifully crafted goods are known for their timeless and elegant details. Royals and celebrities love showing off their favorite iconic Dior items. The Lady Dior and Saddlebag are the most popular handbags for luxury fashion collectors and scammers alike.
Due to the hefty price tag, shopping the pre-owned market is a fantastic option.

It’s difficult for even the most experienced shopper to pick out a fake sometimes. That’s why we’re here. Real Authentication uses advanced and proprietary technology, as well as a minimum of two trained experts to guarantee the authenticity of your purchase.

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When you submit an order for authentication services for a Christian Dior at Real Authentication, you will sell faster and buy with confidence. If you have, unfortunately, already bought a product that is counterfeit we can still help. We’re trusted by credit card issuers, PayPal and eBay and can help you recover your money.


Accidentally Purchased a Counterfeit Christian Dior?

Let us help make your Dior designer buyer and selling experience successful. Reach out to us before you make that luxury Christian Dior purchase and take the guesswork out of your luxury product search.


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