About Charlotte Olympia

This eponymous luxury brand was founded by the orchestrative Charlotte Olympia Dellal in 2008. Dellal is a fashion designer born in South Africa to a Brazilian model mother and a British property developer father. The first iteration of the brand launched during a New York Fashion Week, beginning with footwear prior to expanding to other garments.


Building the Charlotte Olympia

Della created the brand with esteem to the 1950s and 1960s pin-up girls and distilled that vintage Hollywood glamor into a clothing time-capsule that excavates the nostalgia into humorous, body shaping language. The Charlotte Olympia brand houses a full-range of physical evocations from cheeky motifs to a modern, playful array of hues and shapes. Stay trendy with the Charlotte Olympia Leather Animal Print Boots or step into a grainy Hollywood scene with the Dolly Suede Platform Pumps. Once the brand expanded into London, LA, and NYC boutiques, in came the additional garments like the handbags and accessories.


Authenticate Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia has an esteemed ethos that is difficult to replicate. However, luxury shoppers must still be vigilant of where they put their money. At Real Authentication, we ensure that the intricate details are true to the designer’s signature style, leaving you with less time and money spent on what could be counterfeit luxe.


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