About Charles Krypell

Charles Krypell is a born and raised New Yorker with a vested interest in the art of architecture and liberal arts scene of his native roots. Krypell was a former attendee of the world-renowned Pratt Institute, a private university and site of mentorship for the art-minded individual. During his academic time at Pratt, Krypell had a newfound focus on sculptural creations with nature’s gemstones, wood textiles, and coveted brass. Then, in 1976, Krypell launched his eponymous luxury jewelry brand.


Building the Charles Krypell Brand

Shortly after the launch, Krypell became a world-renowned jewelry design house featuring dramatically voluminous and intricately scaled details layered with a deep deference to nature’s beauty and fine, high-class art. Each collection reflects Krypell’s objective to produce extraordinary wearable high art that deviates from the meretricious standards of mass commoditization. Each collection supersedes the previous by building upon the older patterns of mini-architecture. The first iteration of Krypell jewelry was a lucrative collection that paid homage to the multifaceted nature of 3-dimensional media lined with colorful gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. These pieces can transcend time and space to become a beloved, masterful family heirloom. They have even been commissioned by celebrities, avid collectors, and highly-visible philanthropists alike. Holy-grail products from Charles Krypell are crafted to drape each part of the human form that can be adorned. Consider the vintage hang from the Krypell Silver Yvy Rounded Half Hoop Earring, the classic wrap of the Krypell Silver Birdcage Bracelet, and the lucky manifestation of the Silver Colver Drop Earring.


Authenticate Charles Brand

The Charles Krypell luxury jewelry brand beholds the complexity and adaptable artifacts of nature and the human silhouette. Natural sophistication and architectural authority find a harmonious symmetry within each Krypell collection. Use the Real Authentication app to see if your Krypell pieces meet the true-to-handiwork criteria we have set for the jewelry house. Download the app now to see the services you can use to substantiate the background of your pieces before they become a jewelry box staple.


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