About Cesare Paciotti

Cesare Paciotti is an eponymous Italian luxury brand that specializes in masterful leather work for footwear and other garments and accessories. Cecelia and Giuseppi Paciotti launched this classic men’s line in 1948 to encapsulate deep sensuality and glam-edge in each piece of their jewelry, clothing, and footwear pieces. The Paciotti line became famous in the 1980s and 1990s by priming their pieces towards the synchrony of artisanal use of material for avant-garde shapes, and high-class tech clothing.


Building the Cesare Paciotti Brand

The Cesare Paciotti brand is summarized and symbolized by the famous dagger logo. This branding clearly represents the striking, daring, and impactful brand identity they have built over the past few decades. Paciotti has become a highly desired and sought after collection of timeless and masterful pieces of leatherwork. The footwear featured in these sensible Italian collections have been adorned on celebrities such as Beyonce, Chloe Bailey, Demi Lovato, Angela Bassett, and Paris Hilton. The average luxury-loving woman or man can easily get the celeb looks from the Paciotti brand.


Authenticate Cesare Paciotti

The Cesare Paciotti brand is a luxurious brand to behold alongside your other prestigious wardrobe items. Paciotti pieces are far too precious to allow inside of your home without getting to the root of the source. Whether you plan to buy them secondhand or directly online with a discount, Real Authentication can help you condense your luxury selections to only those that are authentic to the brand. When you download our app, you can instantly have access to services that allow you to double-check the origin of your new, beloved Paciotti pieces.


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