How to Authenticate BURBERRY

1856 British headquartered luxury icon Burberry, most known for its iconic Burberry plaid and its top-notch quality, is one of the most copied brands in the fashion industry. Counterfeiters know how profitable this in-demand brand can be, and therefore, replicas are being sold worldwide.

When investing in a real Burberry, the high resale value and quick turnaround make it worth every penny. So if you’re on the hunt for a pre-loved deal that will keep its value, we recommend investing a small amount to verify the authenticity of your Burberry with a reputable authenticator service such as www.realauthentication.com

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3 ACTIONABLE TIPS TO AUTHENTICATE Authenticate Burberry items

Fortunately, there are a few giveaways that you can look out for when shopping for Burberry from a second-hand store, an online shop, or a friend.

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Burberry Date Code and LOGO

In the interior of your bag, you should see a “Made in” label, which shows which country your item was made in. Be sure to inspect the position and text of the logo and to compare it with the original, which should be perfectly centered and have a stylized “R,” for example.

Most bags (with some exceptions) also feature a style number on the back of this label. Maybe we add which countries Burberry is “made in?”


Inspect Burberry Stiching


Burberry is known for exceptional quality and craftsmanship, so each piece should reflect that. The solid metal hardware on your Burberry will usually have a clean and neat engraving, and metals should be of high-quality finish, resistant to chipping or flaking. The stitching on your Burberry garment should be straight, even and neat.

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Burberry Authentication Details

One of the most common Burberry patterns is the “Classic check,” which features red, white and black lines vertically and horizontally against a tan background. Where the red lines intersect, you should be able to see their knight logo. Meanwhile, the “nova check” style has more yellow tones in the background and has no knight logo in the red lines’ intersections which are, in this design, slightly pinker.

Most Burberry bags come with a dust bag and a booklet. The dust bag features the logo of the “knight,” “London,” and “established in 1856” and the booklet will feature the brand’s logo in the same fonts.

We always recommend that you go to a local retailer and feel what the real material and hardware should feel and look like. That way, you can start recognizing what might be “off” when shopping second-hand luxury items.

Because it can be difficult to notice all the subtle details, it is always worth investing a small amount to ensure its authenticity. We can help! Investing a small amount in Burberry Authentication Services will allow you to rest assured you won’t fall victim to fraud.

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Accidently Purchased a Counterfeit Burberry?

If you’ve already fallen victim to fraud, we have experience helping our clients recover funds through Paypal, eBay and credit card claims.

Real Authentication is here to keep you shopping with peace of mind and confidence because, after all, shopping is supposed to be FUN!


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