About Berluti

Berluti is a prestigious French leather-focused mens footwear brand founded by Alessandro Berluti in 1895. With classic tastefulness and due regard for leather shaping, Berluti crafted a collection of high-end leather shoes that evoke comfort and elegance for the classic man. The Berluti brand is currently housed by the ultimate, beyond-premium fashion conglomerate, Moet Hennesy Louis Vuitton (known as LVMH). Offbeat fantasy and careful consideration for time-travel capable fashion items are the signature imprint of the exclusive Berluti brand.


Building the Berluti Brand

Alessandro Berluti created the eponymous brand with an audacious use of kangaroo, calfskin, and alligator skin to produce bespoke, ready-to-wear footwear and other leather garments, such as wallets and belts. These handcrafted items take 50 hours to weave the savoir-faire and masterful finesse throughout the collections available. Classic and timeless men cultivate a new step with the Berluti Men Caractère Capri leather ankle boot. Style-intelligent men can reimagine their wardrobe with the Berluti Démesure loafers. Evoke any facet or dimension of the quintessence of manliness.


Authenticate Berluti

Berluti has a genuine leather patina that drapes the exterior of their garments and accessories, making their full-grain leather brand stand apart from the cheap crowd of lower quality leather brands. Services that we provide at Real Authentication can ensure that you’ve received items that have been properly sourced. Download our app now to confirm whether you have the originally manufactured products from Berluti.


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