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Pierre Balmain opened his Balmain boutique in 1945. It embodied France’s smart, chic, internationalized postwar glamour. Balmain’s craftsmanship is apparent in many details: skillfully quilted leathers, intricate embroideries, complex weavings, masterful pleating, exquisite corsetry, and intentional stitching.

Sophia Loren, Josephine Baker, Lady Astor, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, the cast of the Netflix hit “Selling Sunset,” and even the queen of Thailand are all fans of the brand. Balmain combined trim tailoring with gorgeous cloth flowing in such a way to create strikingly proportioned profiles. They are both eye-catching yet modest.

Due to the resurgence in popularity in the past decade, the Balmain brand is also facing increased counterfeits. Many clients are shocked by the amount of Balmain fakes which makes the brand difficult to authenticate on your own. Despite the challenges, there are few authentication standards to help you authenticate when buying and selling Balmain blazers, jeans, shirts, shoes, and more. When in doubt, use a trained Balmain authentication service like www.realauthentication.com

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Although Balmain is tricky to authenticate, there are some things to check for when buying and selling preowned. Use our Balmain guide to avoid getting scammed. 

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Balmain LOGO

One of the easiest ways to identify a fake Balmain is to check the spelling on the tag. It seems simple, but that seems to be a common giveaway. Also, check the labels on the item. There are never open or sloppy seams, and the writing is sharp and clear. For Balmain jeans, thoroughly check the tag. It is black and has the product details description written in white.


Inspect Balmain Stiching


Balmain stitching is usually the easiest way to authenticate the product for most people. The way the stitching is done on the real Balmain is unique. The threads are neatly stitched and no loose ends on the materials. For a fake, you will probably notice irregular stitching on the brand. Be mindful of possible details, such as how the inner labels and tags might to prove the product’s authentication. Any deviation from the unique and regular stitching is a red alert to a possible scammer.

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Balmain Authentication Details

Real Balmain apparel comes with a thick box adorned with a quality Balmain Logo. There are details of the name and products on it and everything is spelled correctly. If the seller claims the item is “new,” remember the packaging has no plastic bags.

Balmain is known for its buttons and hardware. They are heavy and just FEEL like quality. A real Balmain Jean zipper is made of high-quality silver-colored metal. Balmain blazers and dresses are usually detailed with the brand’s signature silver or gold logo or creast embossed buttons.

Authenticate Balmain

Remember,  when buying and selling Balmain, it is always best to get a professional. There are a lot of fake Balmains floating around and it can be difficult to notice all the subtle details. That is where we can help. 

Real Authentication can give you a safe and reliable assessment of whether your Balmain jeans, blazers, suits, eyewear, sneakers, and accessories are real or counterfeit.

We use a minimum of two authenticators to examine your item. Using reliable and proprietary technology, your partners will identify your purchase as fake or genuine, allowing you to invest with peace of mind.



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Accidently Purchased a Counterfeit Balmain?

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