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Founded in Spain, Balenciaga is quickly becoming one of the top fashion houses today. The first designs were in 1918 by the famous Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain. Balenciaga moved to Paris after the Spanish war to cater to the fashion elites and introduce some of the most luxurious chevre leather goods, which are still famous today. 

The brand’s most iconic piece, the “Motorcycle Bag,” is copied by countless replicas and is challenging to authenticate if you are not familiar with the brand. It takes years of experience in authenticating Balenciaga to make an accurate statement on its authenticity. But, thankfully, Real Authentication experts are here to help you shop with confidence and ease.

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Like many other top designers, Balenciaga also has key identifiers for verifying if an item is real or fake. Check our Balenciaga authentication guide for more info. 

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The Logo

On the interior of your handbag, you should find a metal nameplate or leather tag that reads either “Balenciaga_Paris” or “Balenciaga.Paris,” depending on the year of your bag, a number indicating the style number of your handbag, and an embossing reading “MADE IN ITALY.”


The Stitching


One of the top luxury brands in the fashion industry, Balenciaga is made with quality materials.

The soft and durable leather used on their handbags will retain its original shape, but take note that it is also purposely meant to add to the piece’s characteristics; the pieces become more distressed and veined with age.

Your Balenciaga bag’s leather can be distinguished in other ways as well. The bag’s handles are made from sueded-leather, and the shoulder straps are made of one solid piece of leather with hardware at both ends.

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The Hardware

Balenciaga hardware is one of the first things you should pay attention to when checking for Balenciaga authenticity. The brand is known for its edgy metal studs that should feel of high-quality metal, never unscrew, and the zipper hardware they use is sourced from “Lampo” (with some exceptions for limited editions and vintage).

How to Authenticate Balenciaga

Imagine you finally found your dream bag… that gorgeous Balenciaga bag that would be perfect for so many occasions, and at a great price! It almost seems too good to be true!

Unfortunately, sometimes it just might be.

Did you know that Balenciaga is one of the most counterfeited brands worldwide? You read that right, Balenciaga leather goods are known for retaining their value over the years, and that is music to a counterfeiter’s ears.

That is why we want to give you the breakdown of the brand, to help you start weeding out some of the fakes by sharing some of our professional expert authenticators’ top tips.

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Your hopes and best guesses will not have to end up costing you thousands anymore because we are here to help you shop confidently.

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Accidently Purchased a Counterfeit Balenciaga?

If you have already fallen victim to fraud, we also have experience with Paypal, eBay, and credit card claims to help you regain funds.

Real Authentication is here to help you shop with peace of mind and confidence because, after all, shopping is supposed to be FUN!


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