About Aquazzura

The exclusive Aquazzura collection of women’s shoewear was founded by and is now creatively directed by Edgardo Osorio. Osorio is a luxury shoe designer who was born in Colombia, and raised between Miami and London. The Aquazzura collection was created in 2011 after Osorio’s 10-year long career working in numerous prestigious fashion brand houses for women’s shoes design.


Building the Aquazzura Brand

Osorio created the Aquazzura brand out of a vision for promoting women’s embodiment of beauty. Beauty is usually papin. However, with this brand, comfort can coexist with glamorous footwear. These designer shoes cover the full-range of beauty that women can exude, from eclectic and flavorful flair, to timeless and classic sophistication. Beauty is pain, but not with Aquazzura. Osorio carefully and specifically designed his collection of shoes to be the intersection of comfort and beauty. With the price tags these items carry, comfort is a must to keep the pieces in your rotation, a transformative approach to luxury design. You can see this by looking at those who rock these lovely heels: Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and the like. Take fierce, vintage steps into the future with Aquazzura’s Violette Mule 95. Freeze the present into timelessness with the Aquazzura Bowtie Pump 105. You can even step with chic, high-spirited flair with the Aquazzura Papillon Sandal. Any piece from this brand is worth the consideration.


Authenticate Aquazzura

Aquazzura has the bandwidth for all the aesthetic sensibilities for each of your beauty needs. Even the fashion press touts the beauty-lift that this collection provides each of its customers. If you want Aquazzura products to make you or a loved one feel beautiful inside and out, make sure that you have the actual, true-to-manufacture piece. Get your Aquazzura footwear authenticated by downloading our app. We can promptly confirm whether or not your products are the real deal.


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