About Alaia

Alaia has a unique masterful tailoring towards snugly-fit, innovative knit styles that softly shape and accentuate the feminine silhouette.


Building the Alaia Brand

The late Azzedine Alaia (1935-2017) was a shoe designer with North African heritage from Tunis, Tunisia, an area of the world rife with war and conflict. Born to two wheat farmers, Alaia took inspiration from his glamorous twin sister to embark on a journey towards his own haute couture collections. Alaia hit a debut in the 1980s like no other designer at the time. He even became the first to feature Naomi Campbell as a supermodel on the catwalk. The ensembles that Alaia designed emphasized the power of womanliness in timeless masterpieces that will cocoon the it-girl for years to come. These luxe collections range from casual dresses and shoes, to bags, accessories, and indulgent fragrances. Gwenyth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell, and Victoria beckham, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian are famous keepers of this clingy, yet sensual brand of masterpieces.


Authenticate Alaia

Alaia shows undying deference to soft and sultry womanhood through stylish, graceful wearable art. These virtues bleed across each collection, regardless of what part of the body the pieces reach and wrap. If you’re looking to have the artisanal Alaia brand in your wardrobe, be sure to investigate the authenticity of the items you buy. Many dupes are sold at more accessible prices and through far less exclusive online avenues. Here at Real Authentication, we can easily do the investigating work for you to decipher if the pieces you have are counterfeit or originals.


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