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REAL AUTHENTICATION  was founded by a group of highly experienced handbag authentication experts with the same mission in mind - to help our fellow handbag lovers buy and sell luxury goods with the complete confidence and protection they deserve. Each person on the Real Authentication team has gained their qualifying experience by working with some of the top leading reseller and authentication companies in the industry. The Real Authentication team has collaboratively assessed over 400k preowned designer goods and possess both hands-on and virtual handbag authentication, identification and appraisal experience. Real Authentication has truly acquired the most knowledgeable minds in the industry to collectively combat counterfeits. Contact us today for trusted & streamlined authentication services!

The Real Authentication team has collectively assessed over 400,000 designer items to date. 

Beyond Beach and Cloudy Waves



Effective Date: January, 2018

REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. ("REAL AUTHENTICATION", "us", or "we") is committed to protecting & respecting the privacy of our clients. This Privacy Policy, covers personal information collected about our clients include: clients of REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. visitors to our web site (, or "the Site"). By using REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. or accessing the Site, you consent to the data practices described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, or any of the terms in the Terms of Service, you may not continue to use REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. services or visit the Site. Please review this Privacy Policy to better understand our practices as they apply to personal information.

CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY From time to time, we may modify this Privacy Policy in our sole discretion. If we make any substantial changes to this policy, we will notify you by posting an announcement the website or "site", sending you an email, or by any other means to provide you with the actual notice. Using REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc services, or using the Site, after updates are posted and effective constitutes acceptance of any changes.

USE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION WE COLLECT By utilizing our services on the website,; with your consent; we use the personal information that we collect to process requests, communicate with you, provide you with other services, offers, and updates, as well as to administer our Site and comply with applicable laws. We do not share, emails, personal, credit card or other payment information with third parties or requested by law.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER In our sole discretion, we may also disclose information we collect to a third party when we believe it is reasonably necessary to investigate or prevent harm, fraud, abuse, or illegal conduct.

If requested by law enforcement, we may disclose personal information.  Or pursuant to other legal or regulatory process required by law, or, in our sole discretion, to protect our rights, property or interests. In the event that we are legally compelled to disclose your personal information to a third party, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you unless doing so would violate the law or court order.


Effective Date: January, 2018

These Terms of Service provided by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. to the buyer (you) shall constitute an agreement for services rendered. The Terms of Service contained is a legally binding contract in which you, the buyer, will be entering should you choose to purchase and have your item(s) serviced through the online electronic portal by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. You, the buyer, agree the right to forfeit any right to photos or information submitted as they will then become the property of REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc.   Please review the Privacy Policy to gain information about personal information obtained by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc.

Should REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc provide a service to you, the buyer, the Agreement is solely and only based on the terms of Service provided by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. The Terms of Service will only become valid should REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. accept and to be paid in full for a service or services rendered. REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, deny or cancel a purchase or order at the companies own discretion without warning.

Services provided by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. are provided by knowledgeable and skilled professional experts with years of training, learning and hands on experience of over 400K designer items.  The determinations of each service provided is the opinion and or determination by a skilled expert authenticator under the Corporation.   The services provided are based upon the buyers (you) purchase order information provided; that being photos and description of each item submitted. The buyer, you, has the right to seek a second evaluation with a separate company. REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. does not make or provide any warranties or insurance about the reliability and accuracy for the outcome of the order or service.

REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. is in no way and shall not be held accountable, liable or responsible for any loss should the opinion of REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. regarding an order or service be disagreed upon at any time by a second non-affiliated opinion or third party opinion.

A service will ONLY be provided with the must following items provided by you, the buyer: a cleared paid in full payment, visible, accurate, unaltered and relevant photos of and for the item needing a service, proper and correct contact information.  A service provided by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. will not be provided or held accountable or liable should any of the information provided by you, the buyer, not be provided with in the time frame of the purchase or thereafter.  The buyer, you, are responsible and accountable for the information submitted to REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. and to look over and approve all information requested by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. such as contact information and photos before submitting for a service or order.

The buyer understands and agrees the images provided for the initial service or order may be placed and used within the report to show and provide authenticity.  The buyer, understands and agrees that REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the purpose of any third party media should it be brought forth from any service or documentation materials provided.

The services offered by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. are priced accordingly.  The prices provided by REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. are not nor ever negotiable.  REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. reserves the right to reevaluate, change or alter the pricing of any service at anytime. An order or service purchased or submitted will only be responsible for the amount owed at the time of purchase and can not or will not be altered should pricing change after the time of submission.

REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. will not refund any service or order purchased should the item be found or determined counterfeit or 'fake'. Should REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. determine the item in question 'unable to authenticate' a refund will be issued in  the same payment method as the original order was purchased.  REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. will not refund any service or order purchased should the buyer not be able to provide accurate and visible photos with in 3 days including requested additional photos.

REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. reserves the right to legal action should the buyer use, reproduce or make copy of or provide a Certificate of Authenticity, Written Statement, Identification or Appraisals for an item or items that are not related to the original Certificate provided.  At the time of alteration, the Certificate will become null and void and REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc. will not be held accountable or liable for the outcome of third party or buyers actions and/or decisions as the agreement shall be terminated between the buyer and REAL AUTHENTICATION, Inc.