The Judith Ripka Companies, Inc. has evolved into a mega-million dollar business with Corporate Headquarters in New York City and store locations in luxury markets across the country. Since its foundation in 1977, the company continues to enjoy rapid global expansion, wholesaling to key department stores and independent fine jewelers, domestically and internationally. The brands vision is to create a global Judith Ripka lifestyle brand, recognizable worldwide, combining luxury and casual elegance.

With the striking use of 18k Gold and Sterling silver seen in the lustrous color, the philosophy of the brand throughout the 37-year history is a popular design in the Fashion industry and campaign trendsetters of savvy women world wide.

Known as the ” Queen of Hearts “, Judith Ripka incorporates a matte finish, texturing, vibrant color, and, of course, hearts into almost every design. The attention to craftsmanship and materialization are evident in the intricate detailing and use of the highest quality stones and metals. Most recognized for her distinctive celadon gold alloy, 18k gold matte finish, and custom faceting of colored gemstones and diamonds.


Among the many milestones achieved with her the company, Judith Ripka was chosen as one of “The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World” and received the DeBeer’s Award for Outstanding Jewelry Design.